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Pollen Kief - CBD Premium EXTRACT

Pollen Kief - CBD Premium EXTRACT

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Pollen Kief - CBD EXTRACT

A resin from high quality hemp, treated by removing superfluous plant residues so that it retains only its beneficial properties.
With the best treatment we have achieved this kief CBD concentrate, with an incomparable finish and aromas.

Aroma - Fruity aroma, which results in a very mild and pleasant smell.
It is the aroma of real hemp pollen.

Color and texture - Golden color and a soft sandy powder-like texture.

Collected from the resin from the trichomes of hemp flower.
These trichomes must be separated from any leaf or flower pieces that may be present during harvest.

The less leaf and bud in the raw material, the better the final product.
25 micron mesh pollen, evidencing that it is a premium quality pollen.

The mesh is very fine, allowing only the best particles to pass through, and the plant matter is left out.

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