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White Widow - CBD Outdoor - From 1.96€/gr

White Widow - CBD Outdoor - From 1.96€/gr

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White Widow (Portuguese: White Widow) is a hybrid strain of Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa, a cross between a Brazilian Sativa strain and a South Indian indica strain with lots of resin. It was created by Green House in Holland in 1995, and owes its name to the white color of its leaves during the flowering period.

Pervasive aroma with hints of pine resin and spicy notes.

Intense green color with dark orange and red pistils and

Unmistakable aroma, with woody, earthy, pine and
light notes of exotic fruits;

It is a variety rich in resin that preserves the typical morphology
cannabis indicates. Its varied aromas make it a variety for true connoisseurs.

It is among the best-known legal cannabis strains.

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